Multiform Finisher Veit 8363 Classic

Benefits in brief:8363_multiform_finisher_classic

  • Ideal for finishing jackets and other outerwear thanks to pneumatic side vent clamps
  • High temperature and blowing power for use in wet cleaning
  • The rotating bust facilitates loading
  • Automatic height adjustment by photocell
  • Height adjustment by tooth belt drive to avoid overstretching of the garment
  • Electronic control of blowing power
  • Easy operation with 5.7“ colour touch screen (VEITouch)
  • Memory for 10 programs
  • Removable lapel clamp for perfect adjustment to the garment 

The VEIT 8363 Multiform Finisher Classic is designed for use in dry cleaning shops, refinishing companies and in the garment industry. As compared to its predecessor model, drying power is much higher now. Therefore, this new generation can also be used in wet cleaning.

The gapless form bust with three-dimensional tensioning options adapts to the shape and cut of any type of garment easily. Unwanted condensate is avoided thanks to the plastic parts. Shoulder width can be ideally adjusted to the garment to be finished (range from to 320 to 520 mm / 12.5 – 20.5 inch). Garments with a length of 620 – 1420 mm can be finished. For coats an extension of 200 mm (7.8 inch) can be mounted.

The rotatable bust facilitates the correct loading of the machine.

Pneumatically operated side vent clamps come as a standard and can be activated in order to perfectly keep the garment in place when finishing jackets with side vents.

The correct adjustment of the height of the bust is achieved automatically by a photocell which makes the operation very easy. The removable lapel clamp permits an easy adjustment according to the garment to be finished.

Height adjustment of the bust is performed by an electrical tooth belt drive, allowing not only the processing of jackets and sports jackets, but also of coats. The electrical tooth belt drive allows a very precise movement of the re-stretching function. During steaming, the bust is lifted a little (adjustable), so that even persistent wrinkles can be removed. Garments are saved from overstretching – a problem that can come up with pneumatically operated re-stretching devices. This finisher is therefore particularly suitable for fabrics that tend to react strongly to overstretching, such as fabrics with lycra or spandex.

Front and back clamps as well side clamps can be switched off if required. The machine can thus be perfectly adjusted to any type of garment.

Blowing power is controlled electronically and can be easily regulated via the operating panel.

The operating panel comes as a 5.7“touch screen (VEITouch). You can easily operate it by simply tipping the relevant symbols. There are ten program memory locations which can be named individually. Access to the control functions can be limited through authorisation levels. For example, users can be allowed to select programs without being able to change parameters. Or the operating panel can be completely blocked against any changes in the set parameters.